Air Patient Transfer

Feel comfotable about your trip to destination health. Any details have been planned by our experienced medical staff.

World is flat world is narrow !

You and your loved ones may just consantrate on theirselves while medexclusive assists to arrange all other details

Air Medical Escort Services

We provide safe and comfortable air transfers when you or your loved ones needed.

  • Medexclusive provides the fastest medical assistance in order to reach the most accurate health center, accompanied by experienced medical experts.
  • International Patient Transfer

    Medexclusive, has extremely valuable experience in international patient transfer system. These experiences, will give satisfactory results in patient evaluation, and in leading patients and their relatives to the correct hospital, correct physician, correct solutions, and reliable medical analyses.
  • Air Medical Escort

    Medexclusive, provides experienced medical flight crew service, in case of any possibilities that might occur during transfer to ensure the stability of the patient, and to transfer the patient in best conditions to the scheduled medical institution where he will receive the suitable treatment
  • ECMO Patient Transfer

    Medexclusive, has a great aircraft transfer experience and success for maintaining stability of the patients’ conditions having severe heart and lung failure problems and connected to the ECMO unit, and need intensive care follow-ups
  • Medexclusive Advantages

    Why should I opt for Medexclusive’s air-patient-transfers?