Patient transfer from one country to another by air requires a significant experience. It is not sufficient to transfer the patient alive to the health facility. The patient will be transfer to get further and advanced medical treatment. Transfer system should not make the patients critical condition worse, and eliminate the cases which can decrease or lose the possibility of treatment. Transfer should protect the patient and it should be done to carry the patient safely not to the airport but to the health facility, to get a treatment.

Medexclusive, has extremely valuable experience in international patient transfer system.

These experiences, will give satisfactory results in patient evaluation, and in leading patients and their relatives to the correct hospital, correct physician, correct solutions, and reliable medical analyses.


Medexclusive,in the patient transfer system, is able to offer medical services in different categories depending on the requirements and demands of the patients.

In patient-air-transfer service, independent of the scheduled or special aircraft transfer, we provide medical escorting and ECMO transfer service according to patient’s condition.

Service fee can be charged according to the special conditions.

Factors affecting service fee: The patient’s condition, the departure and landing departures, the distance, and the medical team taking part.