Medexclusive, has a great aircraft transfer experience and success for maintaining stability of the patients’ conditions having severe heart and lung failure problems and connected to the ECMO unit, and need intensive care follow-ups.

ECMO is a system used in the case of the patients cannot breathe naturally. This system provides the oxygen to be mixed in the blood and the carbon dioxide to be taken up from the blood externally by using artificial lung and bloodstream.

It is a must to be connected to the ECMO life support equipment for the patients with heart or lung failure diseases, or the patients’ needs critical and excessive medical intervention as open heart surgery.

The patients with critical conditions will kept alive with ECMO device until they get the proper treatment or have their physical conditions suitable for the treatments. These patients’ conditions should be continuously followed-up by expert medical team members as surgents, nurses, and percussionist.

One of the Medexclusive’s benefits is ECMO patient transfer system. During the transfer with ECMO, the patient’s condition is continuously being followed by medical team composed of surgeons, emergency physicians, nurses, and percussionists until he reaches the medical institution where he will receive the treatment.

Medexclusive teams carry out ECMO patient transfer successfully, which is a quite risky process and requires high attention.