Why should I opt for Medexclusive’s air-patient-transfers?

  • Multi-lingual health counseling service: You have Turkish, Russian, Azerbaijani, and English language options.
  • Medexclusive comprises of highly skilled, expertise and experienced physicians, nurses, technicians, and patient consultants in the fields of emergency and intensive care.
  • Medexclusives medical expertise, experience, professional point of views, and medical support teams leads a faster transfer of patients to the best health facility locating hundreds of kilometers away.
  • Medexclusive has powerful and reliable local partners, who were tested for Europian, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, and other IS Countries’ patient-air-transfers.
  • Via the companies’ special network system, Medexclusive locates the most proper and advanced health-care facilities, and fastest patient transfer and hospitalization processes.
  • According to patients’ medical condition or their demands, the transfers are done with either scheduled aircrafts or special aircrafts.
  • The medical team members accompanying the patient during the transfer are experts proven by their medical competence and ethics.
  • Not only the patients’, but also their relatives’ demands are fulfilled.
  • During the transfer, all information about the condition is given by patient’s primary physician and relatives, if applicable. Makes contacts between patient’s primary physician and the secondary health facility, so that none of the important information and development is missed by the patient.
  • The patient, health care provider is followed until the conclusion of the whole treatment process. The patients are never left alone.

Why should I opt for Medexclusive’s Turkish health tourism and assistancy services?

  • Very few physicians are present in the company’s managing health tourism in the world.
  • One of the most important advantages of Medexclusive is the whole members’ medical experience and expertise.
  • Medexclusive’s priorities are the patients’ medical needs, treatments, and comfort.
  • While selecting proper health-care facilities, Medexclusive carefully analyze the specialties and processes which can only be known by the physicians.
  • Medexclusive recommends health-care facilities, having international standards of medical processes, and highest standards of infrastructure and medical technologies.
  • Since Medexclusive served in Europe, Middle East, IS Countries, Caucasia, and Middle Asia for years; it has the knowledge of regional conditions, demands of patients and their relatives, and the processes that patients will encounter.
  • The main office of Medexclusive locates in Ä°stanbul, Turkey, which is easy to access and has the best medical service opportunities. It is in contact with the best health-care facilities having JCI standards, and has an organic linked with them.
  • It has a continuous information flow with the skilled physicians of all fields.
  • It can give assistance service and triage counseling in all the medical fields.

You can get information from our health consultants during or post- medical services for 7/24.